BPW INTERNATIONAL E-NEWS July 28, 2011, Issue 13

I am very proud to personally congratulate Miette Dechelle and Mauryn Namoonga Munalula as the newly nominated Young BPW Europe Representative and Young BPW Africa Representative respectively. As we all begin our new journeys with BPW, I count on all YBPWs to join our journeys to start Empowering Young Women to Lead Business.

Anastasia Victoria Safarian
BPW International Young BPW Representative


Young BPW Zambia’s July Meeting

At this meeting, it was essential for us to understand why most young ladies associations don’t survive in Zambia so as to know how to make ours succeed. It was also important for us to make our meetings not only learning and networking platform but also fun. The input from our members was amazing with suggestions such as lunch dates on our own and with mentors, book club where we as YBPW (Z) read the same book at the same time and share what we have learnt from it, mentoring younger girls who are still in secondary/high school. Furthermore, we did not want to concentrate only on the lighter side of things but also considered skill-building workshops, guest speakers for our meetings and taking advantage of all advertised training sessions. We also agreed to keep partaking in not only our own meetings but main BPW meetings as well so as to get accustomed to a more formal style of meeting and the required etiquette.

It was truly great to see young ladies together on a Saturday afternoon having constructive conversation. This is a sign of greater things to come.  We look forward to our August meeting and the networking we do after the meetings. YBPW is providing us with a platform we would otherwise not have access to, a platform that can build all aspects of our young lives positively.

Regards, Young BPW Zambia

Welcome to YBPW


Hello ladies,

My name is Anastasia Victoria Safarian and I am your newly elected 2011-2014 Young BPW International Representative. I am 25 years old (almost 26, but who’s counting) and I was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. At the age of 16, I moved to New Jersey in the United States and at the age of 21 I decided to try my luck in Rome, Italy. Traveling around the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa allowed me to better understand myself and learn about the world around me.  I have been to 29 countries and I presently speak fluent Russian, English and Italian. I intend to study and become proficient in a few more languages so that I may better pursue my goals to become an International Peace Liaison.

I joined BPW back in 2007 with encouragement of a close family friend, Barbara Howie, who currently serves as a President for Enterprising and Professional Women (EPW) – New York.  Barbara helped me to see the networking opportunities this organization provides and helped me realize that BPW creates a bridge which connects a woman’s world with the business world. My learning and experiences in BPW have helped shape me into who I am today. I became more aware of the needs women around the world still have and the problems we still face today.

Young BPW members at the XXVII BPW International Congress in Helsinki

I would like to share my knowledge and experiences by being a mentor to other young women around the world.   My aim is to inspire other young women to become leaders in their communities and in the business world by encouraging personal development and leadership skills through BPW membership opportunities. I will be the voice of Young BPW and encourage more international participation, allowing a fresh and innovative exchange of ideas, projects, and strategies as well as highlight professional and personal accomplishments of our members.

Anastasia Victoria
Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)