BPW Nigeria National Congress to be held in November

Adenike Adeyanju-Osadolor, Africa Regional Coordinator, invites BPW members to attend the BPW Nigeria National Congress:

This is to inform you all that the National Congress of BPW Nigeria comes up on 18-19 November, 2011 in Abuja. It will be an opportunity to share experiences and for presidents to meet and deliberate on important issues on the continent.

Please circulate to all your members and also indicate in good time how many delegates from your country will be attending.


Par la présente, je viens vous informer que le Congrès National de BPW Nigéria se tiendra du 18 au 19 Novembre 2011 à Abuja. Ce  sera une occasion de partage d’expériences, et pour les présidentes, celle de se rencontrer et de délibérer sur d’importants sujets du continent.
Veuillez circuler parmis toutes vos membres et indiquer a temps les nombres de delegues participantes.

Highlights from XXVIII Italian National Congress

It has only been 3 months of my 3 year term as the Young BPW International Representative and let me tell you, there is never a dull moment. This weekend, September 24th and 25th of 2011, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the XXVIII Italian National Congress. It was a pleasure to attend, a pleasure to present the Young BPW International at a small workshop and a pleasure to discuss future collaboration with BPW Italy. Of course, I have documented my experience through pictures and videos. Please feel free to share your experience at this Congress or any other meetings, BPW events, Congresses or activities particular to your region.

CSW56 discussion with BPW International FAO Representative

meeting in session

Young BPW International workshop

after workshop discussion

With Gabriella Canonica and Sabine Schmelzer

With Annarosa Colangelo, Livia Ricci and Giuseppina Seidita

Young BPW Rome members

Warm congratulations to the newly elected F.I.D.A.P.A. – BPW Italy National Board members!

In 2014 BPW is visiting Jeju Island

Anne Hilty

When it comes to BPW International there is always something taking place somewhere around the world as clubs, affiliates and federations are continuing to grow. It will not come as a surprise to learn that Korea Federation is slowly starting to prepare for the XXVIII Congress that will take place in May of 2014.  Anne Hilty who is a cultural health psychologist and independent scholar-practitioner from New York shared her Jeju experience.

Where in the world is Jeju Island?

Geumneung Beach and Biyang Island


Obunjagi Tteukbaegi

Seongsan and Haenyeo

Jusangjeolli cliffs



Moment of then and NOW

I took a walk down memory lane to learn what happened before my term and what is going on:

Young BPW International October 2008 Newsletter

A beautiful message from Viktoria Balensiefen, Past Young BPW Europe Representative (2005-2008), shared an inspirational message about  BPW International and what makes it so special. “Remember the sentence from JFK: “Don’t ask what the Federation can do for you, but ask what you can do for your federation”?! Yes, within BPW we usually give before we take. Otherwise a Federation like ours would extinct. And yes, it is work and it is for some time. BUT: you have the great opportunity to take out of this what you need.”

As you can see WE were busy then and WE are as busy now. If you are still discovering what BPW has to offer, please take a look at the current updates from the Young BPW’s in New Zealand below:

Young BPW NZ newsletter September 2011

Looking forward to hear updates/happenings/news/projects from all BPW members in all countries around the world to show how WE have learned, how WE have grown and how WE are making a difference together!

Warm regards,

Anastasia Victoria Safarian
Young BPW International Representative (2011-2014)

Empowered Women Leading Business

Young BPW Weekend in Switzerland

Susanne Tiedtke, the Young BPW Swiss National Representative, has extended an invitation to the annual Young BPW Weekend taking place in Zürich, Switzerland. The Young BPW Weekend is in German and everyone is welcomed to attend. This year the event is addressing the challenges young women are still facing in satisfyingly combining their career and family ambitions. The aim of the weekend is not only to present successful role models but also to support developing individual solutions. The Young BPW Weekend will start on Friday, 30 September 2011 at 06.30 PM and continue until Saturday, 01 October 2011 05:00 PM including networking, workshops, round tables and the famous Girl’s Night Out. If you would like to register, please visit for more details http://www.bpw.ch/

Gender, Equity and Rural employment Division at FAO and BPW International

BPW International is currently preparing for the Commission on the Status of Women 56 (CSW56) that will be held in New York from 27th of February till 9th of March, 2012. The priority theme of the CSW56 is the empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges.

BPW International delegation met with FAO's Gender, Equity and Rural employment Division

How can you participate? Please read the latest news about the CSW56 from BPW International’s First Vice President 2011-2014 Huguette Akplogan Dossa.

Keachea Dixon speaks on Intellectual Property In The Global Fashion & Design Industries

Keachea Dixon is a licensed attorney in New York and Jamaica, who heads up Gordon Dixon & Company’s Intellectual Property and Entertainment division, concentrating on copyright, conveyances/real estate, entertainment, information technology, patent and trademark law and a young member of International Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW International) and Chairs the Membership Committee of Enterprising and Professional Women – New York.

Keachea participates in seminars and presentations around the world on topics relating to social media, technology, and intellectual property. Ms. Dixon will speak at the Third International Conference of Fashion Incubators in Perth Australia in September 2011 and will focus on ‘How to Manage the Use of Your Intellectual Property on the Internet to Shape Your Future in the Global Fashion & Design Industries’. She has spoken to businesswomen around the world on the legal aspect of using twitter and other social media platforms in business.

Keachea is also admitted to the Federal Courts of the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, has a Master of Law Degree in Intellectual Property (IP), Technology & Commerce from Franklin Pierce Law Centre, is a certified mediator in the area of IP, Technology & Commerce and is knowledgeable in International Development. Prior to becoming a partner at Gordon Dixon & Company, she was in-house counsel for Dilieu Technologies LLC, an IT solutions company.

Conference Convenor, Carol Hanlon said “We look forward to her sharing her knowledge of intellectual property within the fashion, design and textile industries.

Congratulations to Keachea on this very exciting opportunity!

Read more here.