Keachea Dixon speaks on Intellectual Property In The Global Fashion & Design Industries

Keachea Dixon is a licensed attorney in New York and Jamaica, who heads up Gordon Dixon & Company’s Intellectual Property and Entertainment division, concentrating on copyright, conveyances/real estate, entertainment, information technology, patent and trademark law and a young member of International Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW International) and Chairs the Membership Committee of Enterprising and Professional Women – New York.

Keachea participates in seminars and presentations around the world on topics relating to social media, technology, and intellectual property. Ms. Dixon will speak at the Third International Conference of Fashion Incubators in Perth Australia in September 2011 and will focus on ‘How to Manage the Use of Your Intellectual Property on the Internet to Shape Your Future in the Global Fashion & Design Industries’. She has spoken to businesswomen around the world on the legal aspect of using twitter and other social media platforms in business.

Keachea is also admitted to the Federal Courts of the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, has a Master of Law Degree in Intellectual Property (IP), Technology & Commerce from Franklin Pierce Law Centre, is a certified mediator in the area of IP, Technology & Commerce and is knowledgeable in International Development. Prior to becoming a partner at Gordon Dixon & Company, she was in-house counsel for Dilieu Technologies LLC, an IT solutions company.

Conference Convenor, Carol Hanlon said “We look forward to her sharing her knowledge of intellectual property within the fashion, design and textile industries.

Congratulations to Keachea on this very exciting opportunity!

Read more here.


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