Highlights from XXVIII Italian National Congress

It has only been 3 months of my 3 year term as the Young BPW International Representative and let me tell you, there is never a dull moment. This weekend, September 24th and 25th of 2011, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the XXVIII Italian National Congress. It was a pleasure to attend, a pleasure to present the Young BPW International at a small workshop and a pleasure to discuss future collaboration with BPW Italy. Of course, I have documented my experience through pictures and videos. Please feel free to share your experience at this Congress or any other meetings, BPW events, Congresses or activities particular to your region.

CSW56 discussion with BPW International FAO Representative

meeting in session

Young BPW International workshop

after workshop discussion

With Gabriella Canonica and Sabine Schmelzer

With Annarosa Colangelo, Livia Ricci and Giuseppina Seidita

Young BPW Rome members

Warm congratulations to the newly elected F.I.D.A.P.A. – BPW Italy National Board members!


2 thoughts on “Highlights from XXVIII Italian National Congress

  1. Congratulations to your successful meeting of Young BPW Italian members! I look forward to meeting you in Jeju in 2014! Young Hai Park, past Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator 2008-2011

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