2009 YCM letter – Working together to grow stronger!

The Executive Board of the Business & Professional Women- Amman Association [BPW-A] believes that the sustainability of the organization can only be achieved if youth membership is invited and encouraged. For this purpose, 2009 saw extensive activities geared towards growing the youth membership base. BPW-A’s youth program consisted of:

1- Outreach to young females to create awareness about the activities of the organization, BPW-A’s Executive Director and organized visits, presentations and roadshows to all the universities in the Capital Amman, targeting female students in the business schools. These students at Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Princess Sumayya University for Technology, Applied Science University, Al-Zaytoonah University, University of Jordan, Petra University, Al Isra Private University and NYIT were invited to attend a workshop on entrepreneurship and were informed about the activities and services of BPW-A.
2- Capacity building geared towards female youth. BPW-A with support from the World Bank, and the MENA Business Women’s Network conducted a two day training for young women on entrepreneurship on 27 and 28 March 2009. This event, hosted by Princess Sumayya University for Technology, gave over 40 young women a chance to network amongst themselves and with the speakers. At the workshop the young women were introduced to female entrepreneurs, possibilities for funding, confidence building, and learning how to write a business plan, and more.
3- Growth of youth membership. All the young women who participated in the entrepreneurship workshop, as well as other female students who expressed interest in becoming active with BPW-A were offered a one year free youth membership with BPW-A. this membership was subsidized by MENA BWN’s grant. BPW-A’s youth base is now more than 50 members strong.
4- Internship opportunities for youth BPW-A followed up the Entrepreneurship workshop by offering several workshop participants a six week internship to gain professional experience. They were hosted by businesses owned or operated by female professionals. They were introduced to female role models, made professional networks, gained practical work experience, and enhanced their employment possibilities by adding work experience to their CVs. Some youth also received guidance from BPW-A staff on resume’ building.
5- Services targeted to youth. Since launching the youth program, the young members have been introduced to numerous training and networking opportunities. Several young members are now serving on Young BPW International committees. One member was nominated for and attended a workshop in France [in cooperation with the Jordan Career Education Foundation], among other opportunities.
The youth program was conducted with support from the MENA BWN and the World Bank’s
“Young Women’s Entrepreneurship” Project.


Thank you Tuulikki Juusela for sharing this information! As the Young BPW International Representative I am focusing on the Leadership Training of Young BPWs and how BPW can achieve active young BPW membership in large numbers. More updates are coming soon!


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