2011 Young BPW Europe La Spezia Cup

It is a pleasure to announce that the Young BPW Cup 2011 is now opened. We kindly ask you to encourage your outstanding Young BPW members to apply for this award. The award ceremony will be a special experience for them.

Young BPW  Cup La Spezia 2011 will take place this year

On        Saturday 26 November 2011

In         Castello San Giorgio – La Spezia, in Italy

At         17h00

To apply for the Young BPW La Spezia Cup 2011 the candidates have to

–         be Young BPW members for at least two years

–        send a detailed curriculum vitae underlining her age, profession and, or activity as YOUNG BPW

–        Please bear in mind that the maximum age of Young BPW is 35 years old

–        Provide a documented recommendation written by your BPW Federations or by your affiliated clubs, BPW Europe  affiliate

Clubs, Project Partners and Institutions

–        Please be aware that the awarded candidates are required to be personally present to collect the prize.

(BPW Europe supports the travelling cost  within 200 EUR. Hotel (one night) and award ceremony dinner  cost will be paid by BPW La Spezia.).

The jury is an independent jury composed of Alessandra Del Monte, Mirella Barbagli, Giuseppina Pravettoni and Enrica Bellini BPW Europe Finance Officer (for BPW Europe Young Category).

Admittance and selections: the admitted candidates will be selected by a vote by a majority for a pass-list.

Result notification and awarding: the awarded candidates will receive a written notification. Please be aware that if the awarded candidate will not be personally collecting her prize the award will pass onto the next chosen candidate in the pass-list.

The award is a sculpture made by the internationally known artist MARISA MARINO, representing her feeling on womanliness. Marisa Marino is a member of La Spezia Club.

To submit your application you  MUST send all requested information by Monday 15 of November 2011, to the following contacts:

–          Alessandra Del Monte   ADM.alessandradelmonte@gmail.com

–          Giuseppina Pravettoni   stellacanese@alice.it

–          Enrica Bellini    enricabellini914@gmail.com

Please do not hesitate to contact them for further information.

The Young BPW Europe Award  is hosted and organized by BPW La Spezia, Italy to distinguish Young BPW members from Europe for their leadership and professionalism. It is given at a public ceremony with the presence of authorities, artists and a large public to recognize the merit of the winners.

Many thanks.

Best regards

Miette Dechelle
Young BPW Europe Representative 2011-2014


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