I want to hasten to say that my life has been eternally changed! There are great people on the earth but the greatest of those who are great are those that are able to stretch out to touch another life for the better! I want to say therefore that the women of BPW Zambia Chapter are not just business people or just professional people, they are great people. Great women.

My name is Esther Faith Yeshua. I am a Zambian lady who just graduated from the University of Zambia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology.

I have walked through some extraordinary dryness in my life and have seen how life can be at its very lowest, least comfortable. I live in NG’OMBE COMPOUND, LUSAKA where most people live on less than US$2 per day and many are not educated. I am the first person from this community to graduate from university.

Girls drop out of school to get married and some due to lack of financial support or the general indifferent culture of the community. The men they marry are mostly uneducated and have jobs as security guards or house helps. Many of these girls have potential and given an opportunity would make better lives for themselves.

I met Mukwandi Chibesakunda who decided to take me to a women CEOs network dinner. Amongst the women I met at the dinner was Sylvia B. Mwansa, BPW Zambia President, who was our host. I also met my now mentor, Tembi Simuchoba, the Executive Director BPW Zambia, at the dinner.

That was the beginning of my life in BPW. After I attended my first BPW meeting, I was encouraged and driven to a new level of passion for women empowerment.

The entire BPW Zambia got involved in making my graduation a huge success. They helped me raise money for me to pay for my participation fee, graduation gown and enough to cater for all the costs that go into graduating.

I have met great women through BPW and I have widened my networking circle. Through BPW, I had the privilege to usher at the TEEN VISION TRUST ‘Creating the Future’ conference this year. This was a life changing experience for me because I met and learnt from key people in the Zambian Society.

I have developed rich and key relationships with the YBPW and BPW members. My life has been changed! Thank you BPW, you are all truly wonderful women.

Esther Faith Yeshua

Young BPW Zambia

Sylvia B. Mwansa is proud of Esther’s achievement and said: “We can do so much together, if only we can see where we can spend quality time together and make the difference to many as bold women, Courageous women, and Empowered Women Leading Business!


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