BPW Ireland Public Speaking Competition for Senior Female Students

When a member of Howth BPW created the idea of a Public Speaking Competition, delivered in the guise of a meeting format, a unique and important idea was born. This competition is the only one of its kind in all of Europe. The competition provides a specific mechanism for girls to sharpen their skills running a meeting, relevant to BPW, and provides an opportunity to nurture the skill of public speaking, relevant to the rest of the world.

BPW Ireland Public Speaking Competition Guidelines

The following are the Guidelines that we use during the competition. The entries are sent to schools in the area and each are invited to submit teams of 3 female senior students to enter the competition, normally after the midterm break in October.  The winning team moves forward to meet the winning teams from other clubs.  This is the National Final and is held in November.

The 2 Winning teams from the National Final then compete against the winning teams from Northern Ireland and we hold the competition in the following February of each year.  The competition alternates, one year it is held in the South of Ireland and the following year in Northern Ireland.  This has been the most successful event ever held by BPW Ireland and is eagerly anticipated each year by schools and clubs alike.  We are very proud to be the instigators of such event.

We chose our adjudicators very carefully, they come from a very varied background but are of a caliber which is recognized. They are well known for their achievements in their own individual fields.  We are delighted to have a great talent bank of adjudicators which we have built up over the years and who are very keen to be involved from year to year.  We take great care not to repeat adjudicators and to vary the panel as much possible.

This competition is run with great care and attention and with huge respect for the pupils and teachers alike who regularly take part as an extra curriculum activity.  All the clubs in Ireland take part and share the effort that is equaled throughout the country.

Lilian Hunt


BPW Ireland


One thought on “BPW Ireland Public Speaking Competition for Senior Female Students

  1. This is a good idea. It will give the girls confident to speak out by the time they are women. BPW Lagos ,Nigeria also set up a sex educational talk with girls. You can check BPW -Nigeria website (www.bpwnigeria.org)for our activities on this topic. We are presently putting finishing touches to the manual/guidelines so that any BPW club interested could adapt it for their environment.

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