Young BPW Cup La Spezia

Dear Young BPWs,

Young BPW Cup La Spezia Award Winner 

I am pleased to inform you that Maria Letizia Piera Pumo received this year the Young BPW Cup La Spezia 2011 Award.

Young BPW Cup La Spezia Award Winner this is year is Maria Letizia Piera Pumo

Maria Letizia is an astrofisician of 32 years old, member of the association BPW/Fidapa Misterbianco in Sicily, Italy since 2005. She is one of the rare women in Europe and the only one in Italy working on applyied theory in astrophysics on “modelling” the supernova.
She published 33 scientific publications and 30 scientific works. She participated as project manager or co-manager to many projects of research at national and international level among which the PESSTO (Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey for Transient Objects; see at the European Southern Observatory with the participation of 64 researchers from 32 woroldwide research institutes (UK, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Portugal, US, Israel, Chily and Australia), including the Nobel prize 2011 winner, M. Schmidt.
She received National and International awards for her work in 2007: “Pietro Tacchini” prize of the Italian Astronomical Society; in 2008: “Padova Citta delle Stelle” international prize and in 2010: “Bonino-Pulejo Foundation” award.

On Saturday 26 of November, BPW La Spezia handed over awards to remarkable italian women for their work in civil society, and a special award dedicated to Young BPW in Europe to Maria Letizia Piera Pumo. Among a complete booked room of participants, the Young BPW Representatives from Italy – Anna Giulia Manno, Europe – Miette Dechelle, and International – Anastasia Victoria Safarian,  were present at the event.

Young BPW International - Anastasia Victoria Safarian, BPW Italy Representatives - Anna Giulia Manno and Young BPW Europe Representative - Miette Dechelle

The BPW La Spezia Cup event was very successful and allowed one more time to promote women of exception at National, European and International level.

We would like again to thank the BPW La Spezia, its President, the Jury Members, and Members, for organising such an event.

More information are on the Young BPW Europe page – Young BPW Europe Page (inluding pictures and BPW La Spezia Story information and links).

With my best regards

Miette Dechelle

Young BPW Europe Representative 2011-2014


The Young BPW Cup  is organised by BPW La Spezia, Italy to distinguish Young BPW from Europe for their leadership and professionalism. It is given at a public ceremony with the presence of authorities, artists and a large public to recognize the merit of the winners.

Since 2005 BPW club of La Spezia in Italy has been organising an award for Italian Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs. The award was reiterated in 2006.

Following the success of the events, it was agreed at the XII European Congress of Stockholm to open the award in 2007 to BPW Young Europe. The award dedicated to Young BPW Europe started in 2007.

The award was a sculpture made by the internationally known artist Marisa Marino, representing herfeeling on womanliness. Marisa marino is a member of La Spezia Club.

The Jury was composed of Alessandra Del Monte, Mirella Barbagli, Giuseppina Pravettoni and Enrica Bellini BPW Europe Finance Officer.

Past Winners:

In 2010, the winner was the Spanish photographer Rocio Ruiz from BPW club of Valence for her work in building a Spanish Young BPW network.

In 2009 the winner was Maria Petruzzi, orthopaedic paediatrician of BPW club of Milan, Italy. The price was a ceramic statue representing a woman of the Italian artist, Marisa Marino. At the ceremony took place at the Convent of the Olivetani with readings of poems and dancing.

In 2008, the winner was Chiara Polita, president of the Section of San Dona of Piave, for her professional merit and scientific curriculum. The event took place 14th Century Conference Hall of the Convent of the Olivetani.  The event was presented by the president of the section Fidapa of La Spezia, Marisa Sergi and the award was given to Chiara Polita by Enrica Bellini, the Finance Officer of BPW Europe.

The 2007 winner was Dagmar Trebetznik, Young BPW Germany and, President of BPW Club Berlin for dedicated work to the club of Berlin as and for Young BPW.


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