Call for 2 Young BPW UN Representatives

Dear Young BPW International and EPW-NY Members,

BPW International has a great opportunity for 2 young members to be closely working with United Nations! As you are aware, the International Federation for Business and Professional Women (BPW International for short) and EPW as a part of that organization, is accredited to the United Nations and provides access to that body’s deliberations with a ground pass for designated representatives to attend meetings and advocate for our interests with UN member states missions. The Department of Public Information (DPI) is looking for two young members from BPW International to volunteer for this position.

Young BPW UN Representative description and requirements:

  • Age 18-24
  • BPW Membership required
  • Able to attend UN meetings in Manhattan (a significant number of these meetings)
    • Almost always on a Thursday morning
  • Report on meetings
  • It is a plus if you have expertise in editorial work, networking and/or social media
  • Should be aware of how to advocate for issues
  • Should be able to follow issues and disseminate information
  • Must disseminate information to the general public about
    • United Nations
    • Raise awareness about various issues raised by DPI
    • Follow up on interesting topics with briefings on information, recommend advocacy and action opportunities for BPW International
    • Advocate for issues with various member states, follow those issues and disseminate information

Please review the Young BPW UN Representative description and requirements. For more information and if you are interested to apply, please contact Young EPW – New York Representative Kathryn Ciccolini ( and Young BPW International Representative Anastasia Victoria Safarian (

For more information regarding DPI, visit

Thank you!

Kathryn Ciccolini RN, BSN            Anastasia Victoria Safarian

Young EPW-NY Representative     Young BPW-International Representative


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