Presenting “Walk the Talk” by BPW Buenos Aires


Puerto Madero was the ideal setting for mentors and mentees to join together for an empowering opening of the second stage of BPW Buenos Aires mentoring program: Walk the Talk.

Walk the Talk was the first mentoring walk created by BPW Buenos Aires to connect young members with women leaders. Vicky Scherer Keen, the President of Women and Sports,  an expert on nutrition hosted a discussion about the value of nutrition to complement the walk.

The experience was very productive, from rich learning experience to new learning to valuable relationships that were made during the walk.

The mentors became aware of importance to transfer the knowledge and gain the experience to facilitate the way of learning to young women.

The mentees increased the worth of themselves and became aware of  importance to invest in themselves. They also recognized the advantages of being open to learn from women who have traveled on the road to success.

There was plenty of warmth in the walk joined by the synergy of the shared experience and possibility of future opportunities that mentoring program generates. The walk was filled with positive values such as understanding, tolerance, discipline and dynamism.

In view of the positive outcome of the activity, BPW Buenos Aires intends to deepen the strategy of creating links between women leaders and potential young professionals for leadership development.


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