The BPW Annual Leadership Summit

Where will you be on 24-25 February?

– Join us for The BPW Annual Leadership Summit, New York 

Leaders Leading Change…

As a registered member attending the ngo activities during CSW 56, it gives me great pleasure to personally invite you to BPW International’s 4th Annual Leadership Summit to be held at the Princeton Club of New York.

This year’s Summit promises to challenge and enrich all those committed to building global BPW capabilities, nurturing BPW talent and advancing knowledge in a multi-national, multi-cultural learning environment.  You will develop the necessary know-how and skills to advance the aims and objectives of BPW International by understanding the structures, procedures in place and the BPW International policy-led initiatives; crucial to Affiliates during this triennium. 

To ensure that important topics receive the time they warrant, there will be regular breakout sessions, structured to be highly interactive between presenters and participants. The Summit Dinner on Friday evening, will provide an ideal way to relax and socialize, reflecting on the proceedings with like-minded members from around the world.

The Summit is a priority event and a great way for you to connect with members of the BPW International Executive Board & Chairs of Standing Committees, BPW Presidents and Executive Committees world wide and emerging leaders.

Please register at:

Do join us. We know that you will leave New York with a renewed commitment to our objectives and as inspired leaders leading change in your countries!

I look forward to welcoming you.

Freda Miriklis
President, BPW International


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