Launch of the Young BPW Zambia Mentorship Programme

Young BPW Zambia launched its Mentorship Programme with support of the SBM and Ej’s change agency on the 12th May of 2012. The function was held at the Mint Leaf Lodge with pink and white as the dress code. The Mentors were dressed in white as they were honoring their mothers in the month of May and the proteges (mentees) were dressed in pink to support the cancer awareness  that the Young BPW Zambia is embarking on.
Mentorship Programme was clearly defined and explained by Blessed Mulenga Silavwe (BPW member and change agent). She will be in charge of matching mentors to mentees and spearheading the Mentorship Programme. She also explained the entire mentoring process and how it would work over the period of a year.
The President of BPW Zambia, Sylvia Mwansa took us through the International collect, explaining in details how we need to apply all the principles in the prayer in our lives as a foundation for this life long journey of Mentorship that we are embarking on.
During our dialogue session, Penelope Mapoma and Josephine Mapoma, both BPW members shared with us their life stories and invited questions from the young ladies on goal setting and vision.
At the end of the function, Young BPW members were given forms to fill in with their details which included areas of interest and areas to be mentored in. The launch of the Young BPW Zambia Mentorship Programme was officially a success 🙂


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