Young BPW Europe Newsletter – Edition 5/2012

Young BPW Europe Newsletter – Edition 5/2012

Young BPW Europe in a nutshell

BPW Europe in a Nutshell 5 (2012)

This document includes

–  a very dense calendar reporting an intensive traveling in Europe over the last months to promote and exchange with BPW Presidents, Young BPW National Representatives and members, on Young BPW issues;

–  the start of a serial of portrait in each Newsletter with in this issue a word from BPW Belgium President, Myriam Martens;

– the latest chance to register for the Young BPW International Congress and BPW European Congress in Sorrento, Italy, from 28 to 30 September 2012, and to apply to La Spezia Cup Award dedicated to Young BPW Members in Europe, attention, the La Spezia Cup deadline is on September 9th 2012! La Spezia Cup Award will be handed at the Opening Ceremony on 28 September 2012;

– International and EU news as advocating tools to be informed and aware of


Kind regards,

Miette Dechelle

Young BPW Representative Europe (2011-2014)


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