BPW International announces Leadership Scholarship winner

BPW International is proud to announce that the winner of the Leadership Tuition Scholarship to attend the Passion, Purpose and Potency course in Bangkok, Thailand was won by Taumuli Judy Mulitalo of BPW Pago Pago, American Samoa.

The Global Leadership Practice, Australia and The Grubb Institute, London, UK combined to run the leadership event, Passion, Purpose and Potency- Releasing Untapped Resources in People and Organisations.

“Judy’s essay stood out amongst the seven we received,” says Angela McLeod, BPW International Public Relations Manager and member of the judging panel.

“Judy is a Young BPW member and been an active member of BPW Pago Pago for five years.

“Currently Judy is the BPW Pago Pago Secretary after previously being a Board Member at large for two years and is chair person for all the Young BPW events in American Samoa.”

“We are looking forward to hearing from Judy about the event and watching her professional development,” says Mrs McLeod.

“Strong leadership is essential for any organization and I am looking forward to learning more about leadership,” says winner and BPW Pago Pago board member, Judy Mulitalo.

“I am very excited and honored you chose me,” concludes Ms Multialo.

Photo: Judy Mulitalo, winner of the BPW International Leadership Tuition Scholarship.


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