Young BPW International Congress in pictures

Young BPWs visit local business “Iannuzzi&Gargiulo” factory shop in Sorrento, Italy

Second business visit Distillery Factory

BPW International Europe Coordinator, Young BPW International Representative and BPW Italy National President

Visiting the Mayor of Sorrento

Opening Ceremony – Welcome message by the Young BPW International Representative

Young BPW International Representative

Girls Night Out

Workshop #1 “Salary Negotiation” presented by Annette K. Nimzik

Workshop #2 “Lobbying” presented by Miette Dechelle

Workshop #3 “International Business Etiquette” presented by Johanna Marius

Workshop #4 “Empowered Women Leading Business” presented by Freda Miriklis

Freda Miriklis, BPW International President presenting BPW International Initiatives

Workshop #5 “Mentoring” presented by Marianne Plattner

Dr. Yasmin Darwich, Executive Secretary of BPW International presenting “BPW International project: Nursing School in Mexico”

Young BPWs after full day of workshops enjoying a coffee break together

Young BPWs all together at the Gala dinner

Young BPW International Raffle at the Gala generously supported by Giselle Rufer, CEO and President at Delance watch

Young BPWs together with Giselle Rufer

Raffle winner, BPW Sorrento President Giuliana De Angelis

Young BPWs traditional breakfast with the BPW International President

Closing Ceremony

Next stop: XXVIII BPW International Congress that will take place in Jeju, South Korea in May of 2014!


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