Alicia Curtis, Inaugural Winner of the Isolde Fritsch-Albert Prize

Alicia CurtisAlicia Curtis, BPW Australia

Inaugural Winner of the Young BPW International Prize for Excellent Professional Performance known as the Isolde Fritsch-Albert Prize.

Alicia Curtis has been a BPW member for 8.5 years. She has served in many roles including State Development Officer and National Young BPW Director. She authored the BPW Keys to Achievement program, which has now been implemented in other countries too.

What is the Isolde Fritsch-Albert Prize?

It’s a new award established by Isolde Fritsch-Albert and club members from BPW Ticino, Switzerland, in a commitment to support Young BPW worldwide.  The Prize offers an annual 5000 Euro Prize recognising a Young BPW member for excellent professional performance. While attending a European BPW meeting, Isolde Fritsch-Albert observed there were so many impressive young women and limited opportunities for them to be recognised and rewarded with a cash prize to assist them in the early stages of their career.  Isolde hopes the 5000 Euro cash prize will help a Young BPW member in their career development. 

Do you want any plans yet for the cash prize?

I would really like to put the money towards licensing my Young Women’s Leadership Program. It’s become a very successful program and I would like to expand the program to other organizations and hopefully run it through a team of facilitators in other States across Australia and maybe the world!

Any other comments?

I just want to say thanks to BPW Australia and all the members for all their support, I have gained so many amazing opportunities through BPW to attend and speak at international and national conferences, access mentors and contribute to important women’s issues. I’ve received about 30 congratulatory messages after the announcement of this award from members from every state in Australia!  I very much appreciate all your support.

HelenMortonLetterAlicia’s Biography

For the past 11 years, Alicia Curtis has managed her own leadership training consultancy. Described as a dynamic presenter, Alicia has inspired thousands of young people to develop their leadership skills and give back to their community.  She has led the development of many successful conferences and programs including the Young Women’s Leadership Program and currently the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care Boards program.  

Her personal leadership journey started very early on attending the first International Children’s Conference on the Environment hosted by the United Nations at 12 years old. She went on to co­‐found her own Children’s Conference called Kids Helping Kids with three friends. This is an organisation that still exists today as Millennium Kids.Alicia has continued her volunteering since she was a teenager and given back to many organizations such as BPW Australia, National Speakers Association and Millennium Kids.

She is the founder of Emergen (, a leading online community of young emerging leaders. Alicia also writes an inspirational blog called Revolutionary Lives (, inspiring others to live their best life and contribute to positive change in their community.


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