BPW International North American & Caribbean Regional Congress

The North American and Caribbean Regional Congress of Business and Professional Women International (BPW) was held at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico on April 26-28.   Founded in 1930, BPW has a membership in nearly 100 countries. It is an NGO with consultative status in the United Nations and represents women in the workplace, market-place and community through government advocacy, networking and education.


The Congress, themed “Empowerment to Lead: Raising the Bar,” offered members training and presentations on operational governance, BPW’s supported initiatives, the International Trade Center, and the Commonwealth Business Women’s Council.

The meeting of Young BPW North America members from throughout the Region, championing issues of concern to women under 35, made recommendations of programs to promote the advancement of young leaders in positions of power and influence from local to national to international.


Dignitaries present included the BPW International President, Freda Miriklis of Australia;  Jill Worobec, 2nd Vice-President from Canada; Yasmine Darwich, BPW Executive Secretary; Anastasia Victoria Safarian, Young BPW International Representative from USA; North America & Caribbean Regional Coordinator, Bessie Hironimus of the USA; Elizabeth Benham, immediate past international president from New York; Yvette Swan, past international president from Bermuda; Tuulikki Juusela, past international president from Finland; Eufemia Ippolito, President of the Italian Federation; Doris Hall, International Congress Ambassador; and club members from Canada, United States, Mexico, Barbados, Bermuda, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, St. Kitts, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Maarten, and British Virgin Islands.  

Other guests attending included: Arif Zaman, Advisor to the Commonwealth Business Council and an integral coordinator of the growing Commonwealth Businesswomen Network from London, UK; and Dee Schneider, Operations and Talent Director of Deloitte’s Caribbean and Bermuda Cluster; and Sarah Louden, President of Caribbean Oncology Associates, an extraordinary young woman entrepreneur who in just five years, grew a business from start-up to millions in annual sales.

For more information about BPW in Puerto Rico, contact Jennifer Tiller at jtinpr@gmail.com.

To learn more about BPW refer to: website www.bpw-international.org



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