Back from Puerto Rico by Young BPW Caribbean Sub-Regional Representative

By Rashida Beckles, BSc. MSc.

Photo by ©Anastasia Victoria Safarian

Photo by ©Anastasia Victoria Safarian

Having been recently selected to serve as Regional Young BPW Representative for the Caribbean Sub- Region, the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico was timely and of extreme benefit at numerous levels.

Meeting with fellow talented Young BPWs and the exchange and sharing of experiences, ideas, goals and projects helped to solidify commonalities and surface differences in approaches, customs and cultures. The energy and enthusiasm which evolved as the days passed generated comfort and further optimism.

It was wonderful to meet with the Young BPW International Representative, Anastasia Victoria Safarian and BPW International President, Freda Miriklis as together they showed that the future of the organization was bright and reinforced the importance of not only the inter-regional links but the inter-generational connection to the continuity of the body.

The sessions were useful in helping to understand the organization more, as well as its history, successes, new direction and initiatives. Additionally, representatives present took time to offer advice and warmly welcome the Barbadian contingent.

The exchange of personal and business information assisted in building contacts across the region and awareness of what was being done which could assist better with communication and feed into the plans of the BPW International.

It was a different level of sisterhood and a genuine interaction of new friendships formed and projects to be organized.


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