Young BPW Committee

Young BPW International Representative

Name:  Anastasia Victoria Safarian

Country: USA


My name is Anastasia Victoria Safarian and I am your new Young BPW International Representative. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences by being a mentor to other young women around the world. My aim is to inspire other young women to become leaders in their communities and in the business world by encouraging personal development and leadership skills through BPW membership opportunities. I will be the voice of Young BPW and encourage more international participation, allowing a fresh and innovative exchange of ideas, projects, and strategies as well as to highlight professional and personal accomplishments of our members.

I am looking forward to connect personally and virtually with BPW members all around the world.

Young BPW Regional Representatives

Meet Young BPW Regional Representatives. Each regional representative works with the Young BPW International Chair and her respective BPW Regional Coordinator to ensure maximum reach and communication within her respective region. Please feel free to contact your 2011-2014 Young BPW Regional Representatives with any questions or suggestions:


Name:  Mauryn Namoonga Munalula

Country: Zambia


Supported by: Adanna Ifeoma Egwuatu, Young BPW Africa


My name is Mauryn! I am your Young BPW Africa Representative for 2011-2014 as well as the Young BPW Zambia Coordinator.

It is an honor to be able to serve not only my country, but my continent in this respect.

As Africa Representative I want to strive to unite all Young BPW Africa members to share a common goal; to exchange ideas and information. I want to encourage networking between ladies of a constructive nature, networking in a manner that adds value to the person. This will not only benefit our personal but professional growth as well.

I am passionate about Women’s Empowerment and I hope to not only empower my sisters through this foray but also enlighten them to take charge of their destiny. To have a dream. A woman with a dream, a woman with a vision and with drive within her to achieve that dream is a very powerful force. We all have the power within us. Young BPW provides young ladies with a platform to have a dream, to nurture it and to see it to fruition.

May our futures be bright together as we strive for oneness in the smaller things in life and may we all work towards one goal; the attaining of bigger things in life.

Best wishes in your endeavors,

Mauryn Namoonga Munalula


Name: June Pok

Country: Singapore


Greetings from Singapore!

I am June Pok, your newly appointed Young BPW Representative for the Asia Pacific Region.

I am also the Young BPW Chairperson for the BPWA (Singapore) – Third Chapter and the Federation of Business and Professional Women (Singapore).

Last year, I was the Organising Chair for the Young BPW Conference 2011. Titled “The Cosmopolitan Woman – Running On High Heels Is More than Just a Balancing Act”, three speakers were invited to speak on the challenges which the corporate and entrepreneur women of the Y-Generation are facing in the 21st century.

As your Young BPW Representative for the Asia Pacific Region, I would like to encourage exchanges between Young BPW members between neighbouring countries and become an inspirational role model to the younger women in achieving a work life balance.

Career wise, I am currently engaged as a Researcher with the National Archives of Singapore. As a former PR Executive, I was responsible for the execution and implementation of several communication programs for an intended audience.

I graduated from the University of Wollongong in Communications and Cultural Studies. In my spare time, I like to play sports and travel.

It has been a pleasure to be part of this dedicated team of women. I hope to meet all of you soon!


June Pok


Name: Miette Dechelle

Country: Belgium


Supported by: Marija Stevanovic, BPW Nis, Serbia


My name is Miette Dechelle. I am the new Young BPW Representative Europe. I work as a lobbyist for a European Association based in Brussels and I am member of the BPW club of Brussels, Belgium.

I studied and worked in Europe – in France, in Perpignan, in St Andrews, in Scotland, UK, as well as in Parma and Bologna, in Italy. My interests and studies’ focus, which influenced my jobs, have been on the one hand on European studies and on the other on ‘the position of women in Society’.

I actually worked on European Commission consultation for BPW Europe on gender issue, before becoming a Young BPW member. Through meeting BPW members all over Europe while traveling for my work, participating with clubs’ activities in Brussels, in Belgium and in France and working with the BPW European Regional Coordinator, Amélie Leclercq, on EU consultations, I discovered a lot about BPW- its history, principles, actions and perspectives.

It is a real honor to work with and for Young BPW in Europe, as well as to support and work with the Young BPW Representative International, Anastasia Victoria Safarian.

Latin America and Spanish Speaking Countries


Country: VACANT


North American and Non- Spanish Speaking Countries

Name: Courtney Amber Bynoe

Country: USA


Supported by: Rashida Beckles, BPW Barbados


My name is Courtney Bynoe. I am 25 years old. I live on Long Island, New York, in the U.S.A and I am your Young BPW North America and Non-Spanish Speaking Countries Representative.

I have been a member of BPW since May 2010. I had served as 2nd Vice President of EPW-Long Island from June 2010-March 2011. There are many women organizations here in the United States, but I truly believe in the mission of BPW and that is why I am a member.

Personally, I just graduated from Farmingdale State College in Farmingdale, New York with a Bachelors degree in Business Management. I work full time as the Membership Coordinator for the Huntington Chamber of Commerce, which is a non-profit organization with a mission to help businesses and the community.  I am also the liaison for our Young Professionals Committee at the chamber. I have always been very active in my community. I volunteer with a lot of different charities. I love helping people!! I have always had a passion for helping young people succeed. I feel that every child but especially girls should have a mentor and/or role model to look up to. Through my job and EPW-Long Island, I have helped to put programs in place so that the children in our area can have the mentors that they need to help them become the people they were destined to be. This is something I would like to bring to the North American Region.

It has been a pleasure to know our Young BPW International Representative, Anastasia and an honor to be able to call her my friend. Even though we are only about 6 months apart in age, I feel like she is a mentor to me.

 I am so excited to be in this new position and I look forward to get to know all of you!!!

 ~Courtney ♥

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